The Royal Piper offers bagpiping for hire, we can cater for a number of special occasions and events including the following;


- Weddings

- Funerals

- 'Burns Nights'

- New Year celebrations

- Birthdays

-Commercial Events

- Other special events and occasions, just enquire


Robert is a qualified bagpipe instructor, holding Certification of Edition in Mentoring & Coaching Level 5.

Please enquire using the form on the Contact Us page for more information on lessons or call 07940519599.

Music sets

Below is a range of different sets of pieces that can be performed, reasonable requests can be made, given enough notice ahead of the event. Robert can play many more tunes however this is a general overview of popular tunes that will likely be played.


3/4 Marches

Green Hills of Tyrol

When the Battles Over



My Land


4/4 Marches

Scotland the Brave

The Black Bear

The Rowan Tree


Flett From Flotta

Loch Ruan

The Old Rustic Bridge

Wooden Heart

Murdo's Wedding

The Rose of Allandale


2/4 Marches

The Barren Rocks of Aden

Mairi's Wedding


The 79th Farewell to Gibraltar


6/8 Marches

The cock o' the North

Bonny Dundee

Glendaruel Highlanders

Farewell to the Creeks

Atholl Highlanders


9/8 Marches

The Heights of Dargai

Battle of the Somme


Slow Marches/Airs

The Mingulay Boat Song

Highland Cathedral

Amazing Grace

My Home

Mist Covered Mountains of Home

Highland Cradle Song

The Rose of Kelvingrove

The Skye Boat Song

Flower of Scotland



Itchy Fingers

The Gael

The Fittie Boatman

Paddy's Leather Breeches

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